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◆ If you come on foot from "Rokugodote Station" on the Keikyu Main Line


Take the exit and proceed to the right. Proceed a little, pass under "Daiichi Keihin Road", and turn left at the intersection of [Rokugodote]. Go straight for a while, and after passing [Rokugo Shrine], turn right on the road, and the third 3-story building is our salon.




◆ If you come on foot from the west exit of "Zoshiki Station" on the Keikyu Main Line


Exit the west exit and continue to the left along the railroad tracks for a while. Turn left at the [Apple Park] coin parking lot on your left and go under the overpass. When you reach the main street, cross the [Higashirokugo 3-chome] in front of you and turn right. Proceed about 150m, turn left on the path with the brown building, and the third three-story building is our salon.




◆ When coming by bus from the east exit of "Kamata Station" on each JR line


From the east exit bus stop, take the [Keikyu Bus] bound for Kamata Station East Exit. It takes about 13 minutes to reach [Rokugo Shrine], so get off. When you get off, there is a path with a signboard nearby. This salon is the third three-story building.